A continuous challenge in big data apps is making all that data easily accessible. We do think that Admetrics’ dashboard does a very good job in that regard, you know, pivotable tables, the drag and drop approach, very fast response times, real-time data, canned reports, etc. 

That being said, we think we still might just have made it a whole lot better.

We did away with admetric’s old filter and completely rethought the filter concept. With today’s update, it’s now possible to combine specific filter settings with AND and OR operators. Together with newly introduced checks (“includes”, “contains”, etc.), this means that admetrics users can now easily build logical groups of rules.

Following through with the drag and drop approach, all settings are easily rearrangeable and can be turned on and off for quick comparison of impact.

Screenshot: admetrics new filter

Building the new filter we tried to focus on simplicity and speed: The setup of the filter groups supports keyboard-shortcuts, so users will spend significantly less time clicking together a filter configuration and significantly more time of actually getting into the data.

Another useful feature we implemented is an optional noise filter, a seperate filter section dedicated to filter out unwanted data globally, so your views stay nice and tidy.

So, in conclusion, filtering data in admetrics has become *way* easier and faster, while giving more possibilities to power users at the same time. We’re pretty excited about this update, as this should be a major step forward in usability and efficiency.

Do let us know how you like it!