Next-Generation Marketing Mix Modeling

Make the most

out of your budget

The most widely used methods to analyse channel performance miss critical aspects, such as view-through-, branding, or channel-spillover effects. In today’s diverse campaign landscape - from online to TV and marketplaces - accounting for these factors is pivotal for boosting ad efficiency and optimizing budget distribution.
Next-generation MMM 

For e-com brands with

omni-channel ambitions

Utilizing advanced machine-learning methodologies, it captures channel behavior and remedies the limitations of traditional tracking and attribution, providing actionable insights for
optimal channel efficiency.
Machine-Learning Based Marketing Mix Modeling


channel performance

By learning from your historical data, PRISM4 predicts channel efficiency, correlating activity, spend and promotional events with your target KPIs. Our adaptive marketing mix modeling helps you gain comprehensive insight into each channel's influence.
Budget allocation

Efficient, data-driven

budget allocation

Our approach offers a clear roadmap for optimal budget allocation, all while sidestepping typical tracking pitfalls and privacy limitations, and factoring in effects such as channel saturation. Our dynamic budget optimization predicts the most efficient way to distribute your budget.
MEDIA planning

Advanced strategy

and media planning

PRISM4 allows for planning different scenarios, to forecasts different strategies.
Fusion attribution

More informed


By fusing PRISM4 with our best-in-class attribution and calibrate it through survey and 0-party data, we are able to refine attributed KPIs, like orders, revenue, ROAS or POAS, using your specific tailored predictions for more accurate ad performance metrics.

PRISM4 Fusion Attribution merges the strengths of both approaches, delivering precision without the typical limitations of each.

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