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E-commerce teams must always know how profitable their marketing efforts are. With Admetrics, you gain the edge you need: scientifically based data for efficient budget allocation and 10x faster decision making.

For teams that aim for peak performance, exceptional ad performance and boosted profitability.

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Business Intelligence

Insights into every

angle of your business

Manual reporting is a thing of the past: Admetrics unifies data from all sources through fully customizable dashboards. For your team this means better data quality, faster decision-making, and less frustration from switching between different tools, tabs or spreadsheets.
Marketing MIx modeling

Maximize your


With PRISM4, we pinpoint the real impact of your marketing channels. By bypassing the limitations of traditional tracking and attribution models, we provide you with actionable tips for unparalleled channel efficiency — including TV, offline channels, and marketplaces. Always grounded in accurate data. No more guesswork.
Tracking & Attribution

Understand the entire

customer journey

Capture all customer touch points in full compliance with data protection laws. Gain deep insights into customer journeys and conversion paths. Which tactics and channels have the biggest impact? Scale your best campaigns, ads, messaging, and creatives - or turn off what doesn’t perform.
Experiment for Peak Performance

Leave the competition


With the Bayesian statistics engine, you can test what truly works and make decisions that propel you forward. Deep analysis of landing pages and entire funnels assists you in crafting even more effective ads. This tool enables you to not just keep pace but to set the pace, ensuring your advertising efforts are not just reactive but proactively leading the market. Get ahead with insights that allow you to refine, enhance, and perfect your advertising strategy for maximum impact.
Data Activation

Work with superior

data quality

We feed back precisely tracked conversions, enriched with our data, to advertising networks such as Meta, TikTok, and others. This superior data quality enables their algorithms to optimize to the fullest extent - leading to up to a 90% higher ROAS. Embrace the power of enhanced data to significantly boost your advertising effectiveness and achieve unparalleled returns on your ad spend.

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