Tracking & Attribution

Most accurate


Our team brings more than a decade of experience in tracking and attribution, combining the most advanced tracking technology, with advanced multi-touch attribution modeling. Tailored specifically to your needs, and calibrated through 0-party data integrations.   
Deep insights into Customer journeys

Understand the entire

customer journey

Capture all customer touch points in full compliance with data protection laws. Gain deep insights into customer journeys and conversion paths. Which tactics and channels have the biggest impact? Scale your best campaigns, ads, messaging, and creatives - or turn off what doesn’t perform.

Granular insights

down to ad level

Which strategies yield the best results? Receive actionable recommendations for more profitable advertising efforts. Gain insight into all the steps your customers take before making a purchase, and focus more on the campaigns and channels that deliver the highest ROI.
Powerful Dashboards & chrome Plugin

Work with the data  

where you need it

Flexible, customizable dashboards, powerful drill-downs or directly within TikTok's, Google or Meta's ad managers through our powerful Chrome plugin.  
Quantifiable Influencer Success

Take control of your

influencer marketing

Measure and scale your influencer and affiliate campaigns with comprehensive reports and precise attribution. Manage expenditures, discount codes, and commissions for each influencer while understanding dozens of KPIs for all campaigns, so the success of your influencer collaborations becomes not just visible but truly measurable.
Maximize Your Creative Impact

Optimize your creative


Showcase your best creatives, including previews, and easily find images, videos, and copies that generate the most sales. Access reports on ROAS, conversions, CTR, and more in a clear and concise creative dashboard.

PRISM4 Fusion


With PRISM4, we pinpoint the real impact of your marketing channels. By bypassing the limitations of traditional tracking and attribution models, we provide you with actionable tips for unparalleled channel efficiency — including TV, offline channels, and marketplaces. Fusion attribution layers this data on top oif Always grounded in accurate data. No more guesswork.
Data Activation

Work with superior

data quality

We feed back precisely tracked conversions, enriched with our data, to advertising networks such as Meta, TikTok, and others. This superior data quality enables their algorithms to optimize to the fullest extent - leading to up to a 90% higher ROAS. Embrace the power of enhanced data to significantly boost your advertising effectiveness and achieve unparalleled returns on your ad spend.
100% GDPR and CCPA  compliant
Chrome plugin to show data in ad managers
Intraday near real-time data updates
Onboarding support
Fully customizable data-driven attribution models on demand
Customizable attribution models and unlimited attribution windows

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All your data in one place. Always up to date. Specifically built for e-commerce teams. Setup in 15 minutes.