Business Intelligence

Equip your team

with knowledge

To reach peak performance your team needs access to all crucial metrics of your business. Up to date & always. Admetrics elevates teams towards the next level.   
Fully customizable Dashboards

A central source of truth

for your marketing team

Manual reporting is a thing of the past: Admetrics unifies data from all sources through fully customizable dashboards. For your team this means better data quality, faster decision-making, and less frustration from switching between different tools, tabs or spreadsheets.

Understand your

profitability in real-time

Which strategies yield the best results? Receive actionable recommendations for more profitable advertising efforts. Gain insight into all the steps your customers take before making a purchase, and focus more on the campaigns and channels that deliver the highest ROI.
Maximize Your Creative Impact

Optimize your creative


Showcase your best creatives, including previews, and easily find images, videos, and copies that generate the most sales. Access reports on ROAS, conversions, CTR, and more in a clear and concise creative dashboard.
Product Analytics

Discover your most

profitable products

You want to know which products are often bought together or have the highest return rates? And which have the greatest customer retention effects? Analyze your entire product range and find out which ones you should promote during new customer acquisition or retention campaigns. Get precise answers to all your questions and implement them immediately.
Discover Your Best Customers

Identify and nurture

high-value customers

What do your most loyal customers have in common? How do they interact across their entire customer journey? Pinpoint channels, creatives, or products that yield the highest Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). Uncover precisely what actions you need to take to invest in these relationships and determine which offers these customers truly need. Dive deep into the nuances of customer behavior to not only identify your VIPs but to cultivate and grow these connections, ensuring your most valuable customers feel recognized and valued at every turn.
Trusted by more than 100 DTC Brands
100% Privacy compliant
Free marketing data audit
Intraday near real-time data updates
Onboarding support
Dedicated data science consulting on demand
Granular user permissions and roles

Customer stories

Regain confidence in your data & make better decisions.

All your data in one place. Always up to date. Specifically built for e-commerce teams. Setup in 15 minutes.