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Make the most

out of your data

Admetrics helps you make the most out of your data, by putting your data to work.
S2s Integration

Work with superior

data quality

We feed back precisely tracked conversions, enriched with our data, to advertising networks such as Meta, TikTok, and Snapchat. This superior data quality enables their algorithms to optimize to the fullest extent - leading to up to a 90% higher ROAS. Embrace the power of enhanced data to significantly boost your advertising effectiveness and achieve unparalleled returns on your ad spend.
No more tab switching

Scale your ads directly

from within Admetrics

Our powerful interface enables you to change budgets of your ads, or turn them on and off directly from within Admetrics - across all major channels.  
Predictive audiences


customer acquisition

Maximize the potential of your data and secure 30% more customers without increasing your ad spend. Admetrics' AI-powered technology analyzes your customers' behaviour and forecasts purchasing intent, unlocking new custom audiences for both retargeting and prospecting.
Discover Your Best Customers

Identify and nurture

high-value customers

Create segments from your high value customers or certain product purchases to nurture them more specificly.

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