Introducing the Admetrics Chrome Extension

Exciting news from Admetrics! We're thrilled to introduce our latest release: a new Chrome extension that makes Admetrics’ attribution data available directly within Meta’s, Google’s, and Tiktok’s ad managers.

Why this matters

Media buyers have consistently expressed a need for a more integrated solution that provides accurate insights directly within the ad managers. In response, we have developed a Chrome extension that not only meets this need but exceeds expectations by enhancing the functionality known from other tools. This extension ensures that Admetrics’ robust attribution data is seamlessly integrated, allowing for an improved overview and management of your advertising campaigns.

Key features and benefits

Once you install the extension, you'll notice new columns in your ad managers, providing a clearer picture of your actual ad performance. What sets our extension apart is the customization it offers:

  • Ingest Admetrics KPIs in TikTok, Meta, and Google: Directly display the accurate Admetrics KPIs within the ad managers of Google, TikTok, and Meta and get a comprehensive overview without switching tabs.
  • Custom Metrics: Tailor your metrics to fit your specific needs. Choose from over a hundred KPIs that Admetrics provides, create a custom metric list, and easily select it in the Chrome extension.
  • Flexible attribution models: Flexible attribution models and windows: Select the attribution model and window that best fits your campaign goals and reporting needs.

This level of customization and integration means that you are fully equipped to make informed decisions that drive more efficient and effective marketing outcomes.

Available now

The Admetrics Chrome extension is available for use with Meta, TikTok, and Google Ads platforms. We’re here to help you get set up, and we're eager to hear your feedback.

Looking ahead: More innovations and features

At Admetrics, our commitment to innovation remains strong. We are continuously pushing the boundaries of what's possible in data-driven marketing. Here's what you can expect from us:

  • Innovate further: We are dedicated to continuously enhancing our offerings, ensuring you receive deeper insights that make your marketing efforts more productive.
  • Expand features: Our goal is to make your experience as seamless as possible by adding more platforms and marketplaces to our suite. This ensures you have the comprehensive tools needed to propel business growth.

As we continue to support the DTC sector, we remain focused on providing solutions that not only meet but exceed the needs of modern marketers.

Stay tuned for more updates, and please reach out if you need any assistance with our new Chrome extension or any other services we offer.