The Admetrics Data Studio is a powerful marketing data warehouse and attribution solution built specifically for DTCs. Forward-thinking brands use Admetrics to scale their omnichannel advertising strategy by combining the most accurately enriched first-party order data with advanced machine-learning models.


Single source of truth
Unified reporting across all of your paid and non-paid traffic sources.
Customer journeys insights
Privacy-compliant tracking of customer journeys across channels and devices.
Accelerated decision-making
Faster decision-making through machine-learning-powered statistical analysis.
Multi-touch attribution
Precise distribution of credit for sales to each touchpoint and campaign.
S2S data pass-back
Improved ad efficiency by passing data back to media platforms like Meta.
AI-based predictive audiences
Reach more customers with Predictive Audiences for remarketing and prospecting.

Connect your preferred platforms and gain visibility on the best-performing channels.

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Admetrics Data Studio Highlights

Supercharge your ad performance through our unique set of features.

AI-generated predictive audiences

Gain more customers at the same spend through our AI-generated predictive audiences for advanced lookalike modeling and retargeting. 

Creative reporting
Preview your best performing image, video and text ads including key KPIs like CTR and ROAS.
Manage ads from one place
Admetrics Data Studio enables you to manage your ads across all platforms from one place: Change budgets and turn your campaigns, ad sets and ads off and on.
Easy-to-use dashboard
Unify all paid and unpaid performance data in one dashboard and gain insights into campaigns, ads, and creatives across all your channels.
Fix iOS14+ tracking issues
A mix of the latest tracking technologies ensures maximum coverage, even on iOS 14+ while being fully GDPR compliant.
Experimentation engine for 10x faster decisions

Accelerate decision-making 10x through our integrated statistics engine. Test and compare campaigns across channels and scale performing ones.

First-party data passback to Meta/Google

Improve ad efficiency by sharing your first-party data with platforms like Google or Meta. 


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