Introducing Admetrics Data Studio for Shopify - Marketing reporting and omnichannel attribution

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Admetrics Data Studio, an all-in-one marketing, reporting, customer journey, and omnichannel attribution platform.

Over the past year, the Admetrics team has worked tirelessly developing the most comprehensive omnichannel attribution, marketing analytics, and performance optimization platform for Shopify-based stores.

After gathering valuable experience working for almost a decade with enterprise clients on marketing analytics, experimentation, and attribution solutions, Admetrics is on the quest to aid small businesses to succeed based on data-driven decisions.

Comprehensive marketing reporting and omnichannel attribution solution harnessing over 1 billion data points

The newly developed product emerges from a complex data science enterprise solution to anan out-of-the-box, easy-to-use app accessible to more than 1.5 million Shopify-based stores worldwide.

Admetrics Data Studio is the result of a pilot program that included more than a dozens pioneering brands offering access to valuable, anonymized advertising data. Therefore, over 1 billion data points were analyzed, and valuable feedback was used to create unique features. The extensive work of marketers, data scientists, and developers led to an easy-to-use, out-of-the-box solution helping DTC businesses to increase ROAS and scale their operations.

The solution comes with the proprietary statistics engine Quantify, enabling users to test and compare any aspect of the marketing efforts, even across channels: campaigns, targeting, media strategies, creatives, email copy, product ideas, audiences, etc. The Bayesian statistics engine is unique in the marketing optimization landscape and allows ten times faster decision-making, saving valuable time and resources.

What is omnichannel attribution?

Omnichannel attribution is a technique used to measure customer journeys , analyze their touchpoints and distriubte credit for sales fairly across all channels and activities. This helps marketers to better understand the best-performing channels and scale them accordingly.

Why omnichannel attribution is critical for any store

The lack of marketing optimization, reporting, and even omni channel attribution is identified as one of the critical reasons more than 95% of the Shopify stores worldwide fail. Surounded by a sea of channels and metrics, DTC store owners often juggle misleading reports and inaccurate data. New privacy-oriented measures like Apple’s iOS 14 update contribute to even foggier marketing reporting capabilities.

By expanding the breadth of marketing activities, marketers are faced with a growing demand to track and attribute the increasing reach on various channels and correlate these with ROI and, eventually, sales.

Benefits of using omnichannel attribution

Admetrics Data Studio offers insights on more than 40 metrics like ROAS, repurchase rates, or CPO and over 20 dimensions such as campaigns, traffic sources, and referrers. Accessing this array of information brings clarity and allows store owners to base decisions on accurate, first-party data. A unified, customizable dashboard offers data on customer journeys, marketing attribution, best-performing creatives, and ads per channel.

These actionable insights allow marketers to understand where sales are coming from, which channels to prioritize and which ads to scale. Specifically, marketers can analyze the entire marketing funnel, across all channels, from the first interaction to the actual sale. This enables marketing professionals to accurately identify the revenue-driving channels and campaigns, and allocate more resources. Basing marketing decisions on precise tracking and omnichannel attribution, sales cycles are shortened, ROAS and POAS are rising, and even customer experience is improved.


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The launch comes accompanied by a limited time offer:

  • special pricing
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