January updates: Conversion paths, data explorability & customer journeys

The past month of January was packed with incredible new developments the Admetrics team has brought to the Admetrics Data Studio.  

Check out the video below for details of the brand-new features and functions we have added in the past few weeks.

Among the new features we list 

  • Better data explorability
  • Complete customer journey transparency
  • Easy attribution model comparison
  • Conversion paths analytics

Better Data Explorability  

This new feature will bring full visibility into the customer journey of each order, order details, and much more. By increasing the explorability of your performance data, you can now make more informed decisions about your marketing strategy and tactics at pace.

Once you log in to the Admetrics Data Studio and open the Performance View, you will notice that all attributed metrics show a magnifier icon next to them. Clicking it enables direct access to:

List of orders
Displays a list of all orders attributed and considered when calculating the clicked value. The list of orders includes information like revenue and customer type (new vs. repeat) orders. You can now use the tabs to navigate to the list of items sold or the output of different attribution models. Alternatively, you can always click an Order name to open the details of a given order or Touchpoints to access the full customer journey for the order.

Items sold

This tab shows all items that have been sold through the selected breakdown. This can help you understand which products are most popular among the targeted audience and inform your future marketing efforts.

Order details 
You can dive into any order and view the exact details, like discount codes used, shipping country, profits, revenue, or the list of items.

Customer journey
Most importantly, you can access the full customer journey for each order and understand the exact touchpoints a customer had before purchasing.

If you are already an Admetrics Data Studio client, feel free to go ahead and start exploring your customers’ journeys in the Performance View. 


Conversion Paths Analytics 

With this update, you'll be able to gain deeper insights into the customer journeys that lead up to your conversions.

This powerful new feature will give you a better understanding of the steps that your customers take before making a purchase, allowing you to optimize your marketing efforts and focus on the tactics and channels that drive the most value.


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