AI-driven marketing analytics platform

Admetrics Data Studio is an AI-driven marketing analytics platform that proactively improves your ad performance by harnessing the power of your first-party data. Built specifically for direct-to-consumer brands. 

AI-based Predictive Audiences
Make the most of your first-party data and win 30% more clients at the same ad spend. Admetrics’ AI-driven technology analyzes user behavior and predicts purchasing intent to unlock new audiences for retargeting and prospecting.
CLV Insights and Cohorts
Understand which campaigns, products, creatives, or channels drive the most valuable customers and scale the activities generating the highest CLVs.
Creative reporting
Preview the best performing creatives and easily find images, videos, and copy that generate the most sales. Report on ROAS, conversions, CTR, and much more in a shareable creative reporting dashboard.
Manage ads from one place
Admetrics Data Studio enables you to manage your ads across all platforms from one place: Change budgets and turn your campaigns, ad sets and ads off and on. Save time and focus on what matters most, profits.
Unified omni-channel reporting
Unified reporting on KPIs across all media sources and channels. Connect your paid and non-paid data sources within minutes and get a holistic understanding of your marketing performance.
Extensive dashboard
The powerful dashboard tracks the performance of your campaigns, ads, specific organic referrer domains, and much more. Additional features like complex filtering, customizable reports, notifications, and team collaboration offer a seamless user experience.
Accelerated decision-making
Avoid making bad decisions based on average numbers: By leveraging superior Bayesian statistics, you can make well-founded decisions at a vastly higher pace.
All key metrics at a glance
Admetrics Data Studio provides a complete understanding of critical metrics like ROAS, CPO, repurchase, and retention rates, so you know exactly how much each activity contributed.
Conversion paths analytics

Gain deeper insights into the customer journeys that lead up to your conversions. Understand the steps your customers take before making a purchase, and optimize your marketing to focus on tactics and channels that drive the most value.

Multiple attribution windows

Choose between various click- and view-based attribution windows, including infinite time frames. Depending on your use case, you can switch to shorter attribution windows, such as 1-day or 2-day windows, and see which ad campaign drives the most conversions.

Integrated experimentation engine
Our proprietary statistics engine Quantify enables you to test and compare any aspect of your marketing efforts, even across channels: campaigns, targeting, media strategies, creatives, email copy, product ideas, audiences, etc.
Influencer and Affiliate Reporting
Measure and scale influencer and affiliate campaigns based on in-depth analyses and the most accurate attribution in the market. Manage spend, discount code and commissions for each influencer and track hundreds of metrics for each influencer campaign. Like ROAS, profitability, performance, CLV and many more.

Attribution done right

Track and attribute conversions to gain insights on the best-performing channels.
Single-source of truth
Stop relying on self-attributed reports from media partners that are confusing and don't add up correctly to the actual number of sales in your store.
Customer journey tracking
Our 100% privacy compliant user journey tracking logs reliably your customers' journeys and touchpoints. Set it up in minutes and fixi the gaps in your user journeys now.
Built-in attribution system
The integrated customer journey tracking provides the foundation for advanced attribution modeling that ensures your traffic sources and campaigns are fairly rewarded so that you can decide based on correct data.

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