Unlocking TikTok creativity: Inspiration for when you're feeling stuck

TikTok has become a global sensation, but generating original content can be challenging. The platform demands a unique approach compared to other social media channels, yet developing an effective TikTok marketing strategy for your brand doesn't have to be daunting.

Given the many emerging TikTok trends, it may be tempting to partake in all of them. However, it's crucial to prioritize your audience's preferences. Once you grasp the interests of your target demographic, you're well on your way to boosting brand visibility, expanding your follower base, and fostering community engagement. Always test new creatives and make sure to keep an eye on all important metrics, and learn how to track the most important video KPIs.

Discover a selection of TikTok video concepts suitable for your brand. Whether you're a beginner seeking guidance or need a creative spark, these TikTok ideas cater to a wide range of individuals.


TikTok trending video ideas and inspiration 

The most popular TikTok video concepts are the well-established formats that continuously appear in TikTok trends. However, for brands, it is crucial to select appropriate TikTok video concepts that effectively engage the desired audience. Before sharing videos on your brand's account, thoroughly explore these ideas ranging from TikTok challenges to educational content.


Reveal your creative process 

Sharing insights into your brand's artistic methodology is a fantastic TikTok concept. You can create a video demonstrating the manual creation of your products, sketching innovative concepts, or any other content that exhibits the ingenuity and craftsmanship invested in your brand. 
These videos not only provide a gratifying viewing experience but also highlight the considerable time and dedication devoted to each individual ceramic object. If there's anything more fulfilling than supporting independent brands, it's witnessing the craftsmanship involved in bringing a product to life. 

@vuvuceramics Ladybug and lavender ceramic art made with pressing a lavender sprig into clay and sculpting a tiny ladybug out of clay. Kiln fired ceramic with a real gold accent #ladybug #lavender #relaxingvideos #artprocess #creative #cuteart ♬ Idea 10 - Gibran Alcocer

Inspiration TikTok content

Your TikTok profile offers a wonderful platform to express your brand's ideals and principles, connecting with individuals who share similar perspectives and transforming them into dedicated supporters.

Feel free to share your sources of inspiration and any other material that reflects your brand's values and purpose. Remember, your brand encompasses more than just its merchandise, and TikTok provides an excellent opportunity to showcase that. Craft and publish content that aligns with your brand's style and is guaranteed to strike a chord with your followers.

For example, Wolven, a brand dedicated to eco-friendly beachwear, perfectly captured the essence of summer in the captivating video below.

@wolven unexpected love for the green and yellow these days 💚 #matchingset #athleisurestyle #oneshouldertop #flatteringleggings ♬ original sound - TSN


Teasers of Upcoming Content

Capture the interest of your followers and create anticipation for upcoming releases or campaigns by providing glimpses of new products and giving your TikTok audience an exclusive preview.

Offer your followers the first look at exciting developments such as new product ranges, color variations, or any other captivating projects your brand works on. Sharing sneak peeks also encourage your followers to keep coming back for more.

If something excites you, chances are it will excite your brand's fans too. Incorporate this strategy into your TikTok e-commerce approach to build momentum for your upcoming product launches.


Interactive Q&A Videos 

Use TikTok's new Q&A feature to allow your audience to submit questions to your account. It's an ideal way to engage with your followers, gain invaluable customer insights, and generate new content ideas.

By enabling the Q&A feature, you enable your audience to label their comments as questions, making it easier for you to identify and respond to them. The best part about Q&A videos is that they provide you with a wealth of ready-made content ideas. You can dedicate multiple videos every week or month to answering questions posed by your community.


Educational Content 

Share your expertise and knowledge with your TikTok followers through educational videos. Regardless of your industry or specialization, it's time to showcase your skills. Create informative videos that break down complex topics or provide fun how-to guides. This approach enables you to reach more viewers within your niche and convert them into followers. Consider organizing your informative posts into a TikTok Playlist, serving as a go-to resource for your audience.

Peach & Lily created a series of videos revealing little-known facts about Korean skin care. One of their videos received nearly one million views, and the entire series ensures viewers keep coming back for more.
Not sure where to start? Ask your followers for input or explore commonly searched questions within your niche. By addressing frequently asked questions, you create valuable evergreen content that people will revisit time and time again.

@peachandlilyofficial Glass Skin Refining Serum is basically glass skin in a bottle👌🏼 @dr.zionko #PeachAndLily #GlassSkin #GlassSkinGoals #skinhealth #skintokthings #skin ♬ original sound - Peach & Lily

Behind-the-Scenes Content

Give your followers a behind-the-scenes look at your company, fostering their involvement and increasing engagement. Behind-the-scenes content adds a personal touch, whether you're a one-person operation or have a team of 100. Share glimpses of your team at work, behind the scenes of photo shoots, or even something as simple as your morning routine. Your followers will appreciate this genuine approach.


Vlogs and recaps ok trending video ideas and inspiration 

Creating a summary of your day, week, season, or event is a fantastic and simple TikTok video concept. Incorporate a popular sound and offer your audience a quick and genuine glimpse into your unique style. These video logs are digital diaries or collections, ideal for wrapping up a specific timeframe or occasion. Simply compile all the best content you've captured. You don't need a physical store to achieve similar results. Capture moments wherever you go, and you'll have a steady supply of captivating video logs. Provide your followers with a genuine understanding of your brand and effectively convey your aesthetic and values through these concise posts. The best part is that you can rely on them repeatedly and reuse them as evergreen content.

#NarrativeTime Videos 

Who doesn't enjoy a captivating story? The #NarrativeTime hashtag provides excellent inspiration for TikTok content and allows you to be honest and personal with your followers. From the story behind your brand's inception to your greatest inspirations (or even your biggest failures), these stories offer insight into your brand and are easy to film. Share your own narrative or spotlight your team. Authenticity is key, and what better way to connect with your followers than by sharing stories firsthand?

Hotel Du Cap Eden Roc, the creator behind this video, uses its scenic site to tell a love story sparking at the same time a conversation about status. By combining beautiful scenery footage with the topic of eternal love, they add an extra elegance layer rooted in the hotel presented as the perfect wedding location.

@hotelducapedenroc It is finally time! Welcome back to your legendary home. Ready to get your keys? 🔑 @Oetker Collection 📷 @RomainReglade #HotelduCapEdenRoc #MasterpieceHotels #Hotel #Opening #Reopening #Season #SummerSeason #Video #Narrative #Story #Fyp #Foryou ♬ son original - Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc

Collaborative performances and creative responses 

TikTok's features for collaborative performances and creative responses can be found in the Effects menu, enabling you to team up with other TikTok users. They offer an excellent opportunity to react to or expand upon content that resonates with you and your audience. Moreover, they can be a great way to create humorous TikTok videos, as the bulk of the content relies on the person you're collaborating with. While Duet provides a split-screen effect for real-time reactions alongside another video, the Stitch feature allows you to clip and edit a recording to respond to an existing video.

These TikTik video ideas provide a valuable foundation to assist you in discovering what resonates with your brand and audience. Numerous video concepts presented here can generate additional content, ensuring you won't face the dilemma of deciding what to post. Keep in mind that, as a brand, it's crucial to explore different TikTok video content to determine what generates the highest level of interaction with your intended viewers. 

Also, as the next step, keep measuring your results and track engagement and other crucial metrics described below.


How to measure your TikTok campaigns

Understanding the effectiveness of your TikTok ad campaigns is crucial for scaling your brand and making data-driven decisions. While devising your ad strategy takes time and resources, accurately measuring and tracking results is equally important. To succeed on TikTok, brands must utilize the right tools and gather accurate insights to improve ad performance. 
An invaluable tool for analyzing TikTok performance at the creative level is Admetrics Data Studio. The platform provides over 100 metrics, including ROAS, POAS, CTR, CVR, and CPM, offering unique insights into paid, owned, and earned traffic sources. By focusing on video metrics like Thumbstop rate and Video views, brands can assess the impact of their TikTok ads and gain valuable insights into how effectively their videos engage audiences as they scroll through their feeds.

These metrics enable businesses to understand a creative's potential to convert and make informed decisions, particularly when scaling ads on TikTok and across other channels.

The marketing and analytics platform, Admetrics also offers a Bayesian experimentation engine that allows users to test multiple variants simultaneously. This speeds up the testing process and simplifies the identification of winning creatives before exhausting budgets.

With Admetrics, brands can preview top-performing creatives and easily access winning videos and copy that generate the most sales, as well as the ability to make data-driven decisions beyond TikTok's reporting.

By leveraging the insights provided by Admetrics Data Studio and the experimentation capabilities of the platform, you can measure the results of your TikTok ad campaigns effectively and optimize your strategies to achieve greater success in scaling your brand. Install Admetrics Data Studio.