November updates: Landing page analytics, ad management & interactive dashboards

November marks another busy month for the Admetrics team, as we have released some essential features that transform Admetrics Data Studio into a complex but easy-to-use marketing platform. 

Check out the video below to see the brand-new features and functions we have added in the past few weeks.

Landing Page Analytics 

Among the new features, we list a new Landing Page Analytics capability that will allow users to easily test the performance of different landing pages within campaigns and see vital indicators of their website health.

DTCs and brands on the Shopify ecosystem can now measure the performance of each landing page and accurately understand metrics like conversion rates, add-to-cart rates, profits (CM1-3), customer acquisition metrics, and many more. If you want to find out more about landing page analytics for your Shopify store, read the in-depth blog post about analyzing the traffic and performance of any page.


Interactive Dashboards 

Admetrics Dashboards are now enhanced with full filtering capabilities. By using filters in your Dashboards, you can visualize your data on more granular levels. Filters are applied to all widgets of a Dashboard.

This way, you can use them to provide an easy interface for quickly visualizing different cuts of your data.

Here are some examples of how to use this new feature:

  • Traffic source filter - to easily change the channel you want to report on
  • Campaigns - to create dashboards for specific campaigns only
  • Spend - to filter anything out on a report that is less than a certain amount of spend

If you are already an Admetrics client, you can have a first look at New Customer Dashboard, which can now be filtered by Traffic source or Campaign.


Admetrics Ad Manager  

Admetrics Data Studio now enables you to manage your ads across all platforms from one place: turn your campaigns, ad sets, and ads on and off directly from within Admetrics.

Brands and agencies can now act on our superior KPIs instantly without leaving the Admetrics Data Studio. The new feature will allow you to review and optimize your ads faster and save time to focus on revenue-driving activities.

The release of this feature marks an important milestone towards our vision to enable DTCs to manage their omnichannel budgets from one place. We will be adding more ad management features, like budget handling, down the road.


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