Landing page analytics: Find out which landing page works best

Investing in traffic campaigns, paid or organic, is part of any savvy marketing strategy but measuring its impact on sales hasn't been straightforward for marketing analysts. A good performing landing page will ultimately not only attract traffic but also bring in the needed conversions and profits. To measure the effectiveness of landing pages, Admetrics introduces the ability to analyze the performance of landing pages within the Admetrics Data Studio. 


Optimizing Landing Pages for traffic and performance

In today's crowded eCommerce landscape, more websites are competing for the same searches and wallets every day. While SEO can be a very complex mix of quality content, backlinks, and a stellar sitemap, plus an array of algorithm changes and updates, websites today can't thrive without an organic search strategy included in their marketing efforts. 

As shown by Safari Digital in 2022, SEO is not optional. They found that updating existing, previously written articles with an optimized title tag and keywords that drive search volume can increase visits by more than four times. The study, which was carried out across 16 websites including more than 135 pages, found that optimized title tags received, on average, 107% more clicks than pages that were not updated. 

Every day, more than 5.5 billion searches occur on Google, and optimizing content for the first page of major search engines is crucial for any business. But, just 0.83% of clicks go to Websites on Page 2 of Google. So, if your eCommerce store is not on the first page, it might as well be on the last. Almost. Thus, including SEO in a website's long time strategy requires intense efforts, thus creating the need for constant budget allocation and measurement. 

But traffic is hardly only organic; on the contrary, only 20% of all websites bring in organic visits. Most eCommerce websites generate visits through paid ads. Various ad strategies prove efficient in generating traffic. But, attracting visitors without optimizing for conversions is in vain, and a healthy relationship between traffic and conversion rates is always desirable. Landing page optimization beyond traffic is a must, especially when included in ad campaigns. Optimizing the content, buttons, price, and offers are key to the success of any campaign. Going beyond attracting users to a website and optimizing for conversions is crucial, and DTCs must know that an outstanding conversion rate can be at even 11%.

Landing page analytics to measure organic traffic performance

To know if your efforts pay off, calculating your SEO's return on investment(ROI) is critical. Any DTC should know that benchmarks of the e-commerce industry indicate an ROI of 2.75 for every dollar spent on organic traffic. To measure the ROI for your SEO efforts beyond traffic, these metrics are needed: revenue, profit, leads, traffic, conversions, and customer acquisition costs. 


Measuring landing page performance

To maximize the impact of any traffic campaign, be it organic through SEO or ad campaigns, marketers should analyze key metrics, such as conversion rates, add-to-cart rates, profits (CM1-3), and customer acquisition metrics at the landing page level.

If an eCommerce is running ads, these principles apply: ad performance goes beyond driving clicks or traffic and will be successful when conversions occur. Having excellent ad copy and stealth audiences will not automatically generate sales. Landing pages must be optimized for the best results, and their performance can now be analyzed on a deeper level than ever before. 

Also, content strategies can be developed based on landing page metrics which provide deep insights into content performance. For instance, content aimed to rank for educational or informational search intent rather than buying intent would successfully harvest searches in the awareness phase. Capitalizing on such searches proves to be efficient, primarily when high-value products are marketed or the buyer's decision is a prolonged one, often occurring in the B2B sphere.  

Analyzing Landing Page performance within the Admetrics Data Studio

Measuring ads or organic traffic campaign results can also be done by looking at visitors' behavior on the website and understanding the customer journey beyond the first clicks. 

Analyzing landing page performance is now possible in the Admetrics Data Studio. The new feature allows DTCs and brands to measure the performance of each landing page and accurately understand metrics like conversion rates, add-to-cart rates, profits (CM1-3), customer acquisition metrics, and many more.

measure the performance of each landing page and accurately understand metrics like conversion rates, add-to-cart rates, profits (CM1-3), customer acquisition metrics
Measure Landing Page Performance with Admetrics Data Studio

Equipped with such detailed analytics capabilities, SEO professionals, as well as CRO and marketing specialists, can assess the value of landing pages and improve ad strategies and content accordingly. 

Another major benefit of landing page analytics is the in-depth view, especially for e-commerces selling high-value products that require more time before purchase or businesses that attract visitors through educational or entertaining, high-quality content. 

You can head to the Admetrics Performance View, broken down by Landing Page, and start analyzing key performance indicators of your landing pages. This new feature also allows you to easily test the performance of different Landing Pages within your campaigns. 


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