Supercharge your revenue with Admetrics' new CLV and cohort metrics

We're excited to introduce a game-changing advancement poised to reshape how DTC brands shape their marketing strategy and optimise revenue: Admetrics Data Studio now features a suite of Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and cohort metrics.

Watch the video to learn what CLV is, how it is calculated and how to understand what is driving it, so you can scale up profitably. 

The addition of CLV and cohort metrics enhance your marketing reporting by offering a holistic perspective of your e-commerce operations. This strategic addition closes the loop within your marketing organisation, equipping you with an unparalleled understanding of your business dynamics and customer engagement. 

Supercharge your e-commerce strategy with CLV insights

With the new metrics, marketers get a 360-degree perspective on customer lifetime value, retention and other insights to elevate their e-commerce strategy.

Let's delve into the CLV metrics offered by Admetrics Data Studio:

  • Get a bird’s-eye view with the Overall CLV, providing comprehensive revenue forecasts for every customer.
  • Gain instant insights with CLV snapshots at 7 days, 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days, giving you real-time trends.
  • Uncover loyalty patterns with new breakdowns of New Customer Repurchase Rates.
  • Discover the CLV to CAC Ratio, offering a quick yet insightful gauge of value compared to acquisition costs. 


What is Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), and why is it crucial for any marketing strategy?

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) refers to the anticipated total value a customer will bring to a business over the entire duration of their relationship with a company. CLV considers the initial purchase or transaction and factors in subsequent purchases, interactions, and engagements with the brand. 

This metric helps marketers assess the long-term profitability of individual customers and guides strategic decisions such as budget allocation, customer retention initiatives, personalised marketing efforts, and product development. CLV is a metric that enables businesses to identify high-value customers and segments, tailor their marketing strategies, and maximise the overall revenue generated from their customer base. 


Explore the importance of CLV to CAC Ratio 

The CLV to CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) ratio is paramount as it will provide you with an overview of the value added by a customer or group of customers and setting it in relation to their acquisition costs. CLV to CAC ratio allows you to understand the marketing ROI and serves as a strategic blueprint to refine your acquisition approach.

By gauging the relationship between CLV and the costs associated with acquiring those customers, this ratio provides a holistic view of the effectiveness of your customer acquisition efforts. Essentially, it measures the value a customer brings over their entire engagement with your business about the costs incurred to acquire them. 

A higher CLV to CAC ratio indicates that the value gained from customers outweighs the costs of acquiring them, showcasing a healthier return on investment. This ratio serves as a strategic compass, guiding decisions about resource allocation, marketing tactics, and overall business growth. Understanding and optimising the CLV to CAC ratio can lead to more informed, effective, and sustainable customer acquisition strategies that drive long-term profitability.

CLV to CAC Ratio 
CLV to CAC Ratio 


Reporting on CLV and cohort metrics in Admetrics Data Studio

The new metrics are available in the following dashboards and reports:

Customer Lifetime Dashboard

The new Customer Lifetime Dashboard features the most important KPIs about CLV, RPR and Channels. 

CLV Breakdown Report

The all-new CLV Breakdown lets you quickly understand which channels, discount codes, tags, or countries (among many other properties) your high CLV customers share.  

Product Report

Want to know which products, variants or categories are first bought by your highest valued customers? The Product Report now features CLV and Repurchase rate metrics.

Creative Report

Ever asked yourself which Creatives drive high value customers? You can sort the Creative Report by CLV to understand which creative drives revenue.

Performance View & Dashboards

Admetrics clients can use the new metrics in any Performance View or Dashboards and break it down to ad level, landing page, and many other. 


How to use the Admetrics in-depth CLV analysis to know what truly drives revenue  

Now, let's delve into how to harness the insights from the in-depth CLV dashboard, enabling you to understand the factors behind revenue generation. Admetrics empowers you to thoroughly trace CLV from every conceivable touchpoint – whether through a specific marketing channel, a thoughtfully crafted campaign, or even an individual advertisement. 

The flexibility provided allows you to discover the factors that contribute to higher CLV:

  • Understand the role of discount codes: Gain insight into which discounts trigger one-time purchases and cultivate loyal, high-value customers.
  • Dive into the impact of order tags: Explore how specific tags or categories influence CLV.
  • Uncover product and variant Insights: Determine why a particular product or variant yields  higher CLV. 
  • Decode marketing channel effectiveness: Differentiate between average and exceptional channels, identifying those consistently attracting high CLV customers.
  • Comprehensive ad and creative insights: Assess the performance of a specific advertisement and evaluate the impact of your campaigns and creatives.


Use-Cases: Practical Insights for Real-World Marketing 

If you are eager to find out how to make the most of the recently introduced CLV metrics, here are some of the most important use cases: 

Understanding profitability: Get a better understanding of your business and profitability.

Creative testing: Pinpoint which creative concepts attract high-value customers.

Product-loyalty mapping: Decode the products that not only initiate purchases but foster loyalty.

Budget optimization: Channel your budgets where they guarantee the most value.

Strategic shifts: Adapt to CLV changes influenced by market dynamics.

Retargeting remastered: Analyze repurchase rates for timely and effective retargeting campaigns.

Custom loyalty programs: Craft programs tailored for high CLV segments revealed by specific channels or campaigns.

Get a holistic view of your entire e-commerce business with Admetrics’ CLV insights  

At Admetrics, we empower e-commerce brands and DTCs to expand their omnichannel advertising approach by merging accurately enriched first-party order data with cutting-edge machine-learning models. This enables marketers to improve the quality of their data and increase their profitability using state-of-the-art tracking technologies. 

Our clients at Admetrics have the option to select from a range of distinct features, including the Bayesian statistics experimentation engine, data passback enablement to advertising platforms like Meta or Google, and using AI-based predictive audiences to effectively target more customers for both remarketing and prospecting purposes. 

Eager to test these features on your own store? Install Admetrics for free today and discover the perfect tools to create strategies that drive sales, foster customer loyalty, and maximize ROI.