How to track influencer marketing with Admetrics Data Studio for Shopify

We're stoked to announce the launch of a new feature that will help brands to manage and track influencer marketing efficiency, including generated sales and their return on investment. The new feature is integrated into the Admetrics Data Studio and is available starting now. 

The current state of influencer marketing 

Influencer collaborations enjoy continuously rising popularity, with more than 68% of brands working with bloggers, YouTubers, Instagrammers, and lately, TikTokers for promoting their products and services. The influencer marketing industry is expected to reach $16.4B in 2022, especially since the winning formats on social media platforms are short videos, which have been very popular in the past two years.

The lucrative industry is justified by the increased social media selling opportunities, which are occurring especially on Facebook with 18%, followed by Instagram at 11% and Pinterest at 3%, while other networks follow after. Since the number of influencer marketing-related services or companies grew by 26% in 2021, the need to track the revenue beyond likes and shares is becoming more and more pressing. 

How to track influencer campaigns 

Admetrics Data Studio now includes a new feature that allows brands to attribute spending and sales to pre-defined campaigns and even calculate the ROAS for each launched collaboration, no matter the channels. The new feature complements the app's capabilities that are already very useful for marketers helping optimize ad performance: predictive audiences, omnichannel attribution, and creative reporting. Marketers will get a glimpse into the influencer performance by accessing the Admetrics Data Studio dashboard. 

Using a combination of specific landing pages and UTMs or discount codes, brands can track the effectiveness of any influencer campaign. This way, companies can scale the work with various creators on specific networks and finally analyze the real metrics behind any campaign. Until recently, marketers had to use several tools to track sales, return on ad spend, traffic and costs. Now, all these data sets are available in the Admetrics Data Studio dashboard at a glance.

Track affiliates, radio, podcast, TV, and any other channel 

The new feature is available for any channel, including campaigns on mediums such as radio, TV spots, or podcasts. Until recently, when launching radio campaigns, brands were utilizing media research companies to track radio and audio content and understand audiences' size, composition, and flow between various stations and platforms. While such complex measurements are aligned with the need to track high budget allocations, you can use a special discount code or a UTM variation when running a simple campaign via a podcast or radio campaign. This process is simplified and applies attribution modeling to quantify effectiveness. 

The system can also be used for other channels, including work with affiliates. All marketers have to do is upload the spend for each campaign, and they will get access to data such as generated sales, orders, visits, and ROAS.

How to get started with tracking influencer marketing 

If your store is built with Shopify, all you have to do is install the Admetrics Data Studio app from the Shopify App Store and connect your channels in less than 10 minutes. After that, you can start your campaign with various influencers and find all the needed details in the dashboard. While other similar, dedicated apps start from $129, the new feature is available for free with all Admetrics Data Studio plans!

Get a better understanding of the winning channels, influencers, and ROAS of your campaigns. You can start your free trial right here.