October Product Updates: Your omnichannel data at your fingertips

In the past few months, the Admetrics team has been busy improving and adding core features and capabilities to enhance the performance of the Admetrics Data Studio and accommodate our customers' needs.

Now… it's UX time.

After an extensive period in which we have collected invaluable feedback from our customers, we are now introducing an improved user experience to the brand-new Admetrics Performance View.

Check out the video tutorial explaining the new user interface in detail:


Your omnichannel performance right at your fingertips

DTC brands and agency representatives can now gain a rapid, granular understanding of their ads' performance with a very familiar UI. This will allow advertisers using the Admetrics marketing platform to cut, slice, and drill down deep into the performance of organic and paid traffic sources.

Users can access deep insights into metrics such as spend, conversions, visits, CPC, CPM, impressions, clicks, and other 100+  all while being able to break the data down on traffic sources, campaigns, ad sets, ads, and dozens more.

Use cases

The Performance view represents the core of the Admetrics Data Studio, and the use cases for reporting and optimization are vast. To name a few:

  • understand ROAS, the profitability and POAS (profit on ad spend) of each channel, campaign, and ad compare on-platforms results with the Admetrics attribution data that is based on our cross-device tracking technology
  • side-by-side analyze your data using 5 different attribution models
  • understand how many and which orders have been attributed to your campaigns and ads by the different attribution models
  • pull the entire customer journey for each order, see quantities of products sold, including new customer rates and contribution margins
  • analyze organic sources and referrers, or email campaigns, and understand traffic quality, including conversion rates
  • understand profitability for each product category
  • analyze creative performance through metrics like click-through, thumbstop-rates, view-through conversion rates, and many more.

Vast reporting capabilities

The similarity to ad managers across most advertising platforms will improve your user experience and enhance product discovery making onboarding for new brands even breezier. 

The new performance view is accessible in the Admetrics Data Studio, and we have also updated all related materials so you can easily navigate the new user interface. Give it a spin here.


New: Subscription metrics

Running a subscription-based DTC model can yield benefits such as recurring revenue, increased customer lifetime value, and predictable business outcomes. Still, subscription-based models come with the challenges of subscription fatigue which refers to the potential decline in the interest of consumers towards spending on subscriptions as the available choices increase. Deloitte showed in a study that nearly 47% of consumers in the U.S. are overwhelmed by the growing number of subscription choices.

To prevent subscription churn, we have launched the following subscription metrics


Orders that include at least one line item that is connected to a subscription/selling plan.

Subscription rate

Percentage of orders that include at least one line item that is connected to a subscription/selling plan.

Subscription CVR

Percentage of visits that resulted in orders that include at least one line item that is connected to a subscription/selling plan.

CPS (Cost per subscription)

Cost per order that includes at least one line item that is connected to a subscription/selling plan.

Recurring orders

Recurring orders that are connected to a subscription contract/selling plan.

The subscription metrics are available at traffic source, campaign, ad set, and ad level and can be accessed in the Admetrics Subscription Dashboard.

 Thumbstop rates and video views metrics 

In October, we also announced a new set of two metrics that enables you to get even more insights into the performance of your video ads. 

The thumbstop rate, also known as hook rate, can be an extremely valuable metric demonstrating the effectiveness of videos engaging audiences as they scroll through their feeds. Optimizing for grabbing attention in the first 2 seconds can distinguish between a successfully delivered message and a failed campaign. 

The thumbstop rate might also indicate the creative's potential to convert and help gather valuable feedback before scaling unprofitable video ads. This will show the initial impact of video ads, especially on platforms that allow users to skip them. 

Video views count the number of times a video was played for 2 continuous seconds or more. Admetrics will display the views reported by media partners or self-attributing networks.

With these two new metrics, DTCs and marketers can get valuable insights into which video ads are performing best and estimate an ad's long-term success.

Preparing for an exceptional Holiday Season  

As October is coming soon to an end, we are approaching the busiest time of the year in eCommerce, the Holiday Season. 

It's not too early to start preparing your ad campaigns, especially knowing that

  • Total retail spending grew by 16% YOY in 2021 during the holidays
  • 1 in 2 Internet users celebrates and buys gifts in December 
  • Live stream shopping apps grew installs 77% YOY to 2.3 million
  • Q4 accounts for 26.8% of total annual retail sales

If you are one of the DTCs struggling to design, test, and prepare ads for the upcoming season, we have great news. 

To help you craft a stellar marketing strategy and understand the best-performing creatives, ads, and campaigns, we offer a free marketing data audit

Whether you are setting up your ads for Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or simply the Winter Holidays, you can start your free trial today and get insights to improve ad performance and supercharge growth. 

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