We are excited to announce the release of advanced reporting capabilities that enable our customers to supercharge their user acquisition processes and accelerate data-driven decision making. 

The Admetrics Data Studio has been upgraded with powerful user and cohort metrics that, amongst others, express return on advertising spend (ROAS), revenue per user (ARPU), lifetime value (LTV), customer acquisition cost (CAC), retention and churn.

By switching from impression- to user-level data analysis it is now possible to gain insights into how the performance and retention of user cohorts evolves over time.

To allocate marketing investments most intelligently the performance of users and cohorts can be tied back precisely to the media, campaign, targeting and creative messaging.

Specific features that do now utilize these new metrics are:  


Visual reporting and exploration

For visual analysis of cohort performance we added the new reporting interface “User Acquisition Insights”. The report builder allows slicing and dicing of the data to compare cohorts visually. All visualisations include Quantify’s credible intervals that provide the confidence of statistical precision to drastically improve the decision making process.


Customizable attribution windows

For many businesses it's important to understand the short-, mid- and long-term performance of users and cohorts as the conversion time frame can span across multiple months or revenue is only generated via micro conversions (like ad views for example).

Therefore the Admetrics Data Studio offers interactively configurable attribution windows that can range from days to years.


Experiments and lift comparisons

For better, accelerated learning and decision making all new user and cohort metrics are modelled in our experimentation engine Quantify, that enables efficient data exploration, running experiments in real-time and understanding lifts and probabilities to generate learnings and insights.

All of this is possible without involving data scientists for statistical analyses. 


Automated insight generation

Managing and monitoring multiple media sources, several campaigns, targeting strategies and creative variations while exploring new channels and audiences is challenging and time consuming to say the least.

Newton, Admetrics’s AI-based marketing assistant, automatically generates actionable insights and surfaces the biggest opportunities and most pressing issues within the data. By automating data analysis Newton unlocks valuable human resources and increases the overall team efficiency. 


In the upcoming weeks we will follow up with blog posts outlining best practices and advice on how to accelerate user acquisition by leveraging these new capabilities. 

Admetrics offers the first unified analytics solution with integrated experimentation engine.

Please get in touch if you have questions or are interested in a demo.