Showing ads in an inappropriate context is as dangerous to an advertiser’s brand reputation as it is to the value of publisher platforms. Currently, the trade press is full of examples which show the potential harm in detail, perhaps with Youtube being the most prominent case. That’s why it is not exactly surprising that brand safety has become a matter of urgent concern for all players in the online advertising ecosystem.

Easily customizable
Our new Brand Safety solution makes use of advanced machine learning algorithms to fully understand the context, meaning and tone of the content surrounding an ad. With a wide range of predefined content categories and the ability to respond in real time, admetrics helps advertisers to effectively protect their brands from placements in a potentially harmful environment. Thanks to the new solution’s adaptive approach, the default categorization is easily extendable with customized protection categories as well as with individual reporting thresholds.

Consistent platform from a single source
Apart from Brand Safety, we have enhanced our Ad Verification Suite with powerful geo- and language-compliance features. The first enhancement measures if the IP indicated location of a user matches the respective campaign’s targeting setup. The second one tracks if ads are placed on language-compliant websites. Together with our solutions for Brand Safety, Fraud Prevention and Viewability Tracking, we are now able to provide a feature complete Ad Verification platform from a single source, which is equally applicable in pre- and post-impression situations. Our comprehensive set of tools enables advertisers, agencies and publishers to effectively protect brands from reputation loss, to minimize fraud risks, and to better manage online-advertisement spends.

If you want to learn more about the new Brand Safety solution or the full-featured admetrics Ad Verification Suite feel free to get in touch.