Admetrics launches a new solution for businesses that buy programmatic ad traffic enabling them to increase their efficiency and profitability. ‘Bid Intelligence’ is especially useful for ad networks and DSPs that buy impressions and bill by install, click or conversion.

As an ad verification provider, admetrics observes vast amounts of signals and metrics of all kinds of ad traffic. A recent analysis of tens of billions of impressions concluded that at least 30% of ad traffic, even from from well-known networks and SSPs, is actually not worth buying.

Starting from this insight, we combined and integrated a number of proven admetrics services like Ad Fraud Detection, Viewability and Attention Measurement, Contextual Data, Brand Safety and App Quality Data in order to build a comprehensive solution that will realize a substantially improved efficiency of programmatic buying activities. The result is Bid Intelligence.

How does it work?
In short, Bid Intelligence data is available on device, domain, page and app ID level.  Through admetrics’ low latency, co-hostable S2S service the industry wide data set can be applied pre-bid to qualify bid requests. To keep our data always fresh and accurate a post impression measurement and validation integration feeds results back into machine learning models which process and score all signals in real-time.

Bid Intelligence Flow Chart

We offer a free trial of Bid Intelligence post impression measurement data to provide insight into the actual saving potential in your specific case. Contact us if you have any questions!

Learn more about admetrics Bid Intelligence on our website  or get in touch for a free trial.