We're excited to announce the launch of two powerful new metrics that will give you an edge over the competition: Returns and Return Rate.

Starting today, you can keep track of the total amount of refunds received (Returns) and the percentage of orders with at least one item refunded (Return Rate). This information is essential for gaining a deeper understanding of your business performance and making data-driven decisions to enhance customer satisfaction and profitability.

Returns gives you a clear picture of how much money you are losing as a result of returns, while Return Rate shows you the proportion of orders that are returned. By tracking these metrics, you will be able to identify trends, make more informed decisions, and reduce return impact on your business.

As usual, you can analyse these metrics on any given breakdown, like product, variant, category, and of course campaign or ad.

Use cases 

For example, if you notice a spike in the Return Rate for a specific product, you can analyze why this is happening. It may be because the product is of poor quality, or because it's not meeting the needs of your target audience. On the other hand, if you see a high Return Rate for a particular demographic, it may be that you're targeting the wrong audience or that there's a problem with your marketing strategy.

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Available in the Admetrics Data Studio, these metrics are an indispensable part of your reporting and analytics toolkit, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition and make better-informed decisions.

If you also want to better understand the performance of your business and make data-driven decisions to enhance customer satisfaction and profitability, install Admetrics. New users benefit from a 14-day free trial, assisted onboarding, stellar customer support, and free data audit.