Quantify: Introducing always-on experimentation

Experimentation Engine
Quantify is a game-changing approach to experimentation that allows marketing teams to conveniently and efficiently run tests and experiments in any channel.

Forward thinking brands and agencies leverage Quantify to switch to an agile always-on experimentation process.


In every aspect a superior testing framework

10x faster
up to 10x more efficient than the standard industry practice (significance testing)
Quantify is more efficient than the current industry practice and outperforms traditional testing and experimentation methodologies by eliminating the flaws and inconveniences of A/B tests.
Challenge everything
Quantify works on any comparable dataset. Campaigns, publishers, placements, creative design, messaging, email copy, audiences and bidding strategies amongst many others.
Make decisions 60% to 90% faster
Quantify requires 60% to 90% less data than significance tests, which leads to less time and observations (traffic) being required to get conclusive results.  
Always accurate
With Quantify variations can be switched at any time while it’s results are guaranteed to be always accurate, allowing a highly accelerated campaign optimization cycle.
Supercharge multivariate-tests
Being able to test any number of variations at the same time provides additional flexibility.
Ease of use

Marketers first

Quantify equips marketers with analytical capabilities that have previously only been available to experienced data scientists. By lifting the depencency on external or internal data science resources to run experiments marketing teams can now finally take full control of their experimentation roadmap.
No data science background required
Quantify is built for marketers and does not require a background in data science or statistics.
No additional setup or trafficking efforts
Quantify does not introduce additional steps into the trafficking process. Just add new variations - no need to setup or configure experiments beforehand.
Convenient user interface
Quantify is integrated into our convenient Data Studio which provides granular drilldowns, pivot tables, custom dashboard and much more.

More meaningful results through credible intervals

Quantify presents its results in a meaningful and actionable way.
Use cases

Vast possibilities

Quantify does not only speed up decision making processes, but also opens up a whole new spectrum of possibilities by putting experimentation at the core of your marketing strategy. Be it for exploration of new channels or trends, validation of product-market fit or pricing strategies or optimisation of any kind of marketing campaign - the use-cases are vast.

With Quantify BoomBit Games were able to increase the ROAS of campaigns by more than 30%. The CMO confirms:

“It helped us to gain a better understanding of our audiences, how they react to new games and features and which targeting strategies work best.

The results provided by Quantify have been invaluable as they allow us to iterate faster and to optimize our advertising efforts.”

A new approach to experimentation

Always-on experimentation

Always-on experimentation is an agile process that enables companies to iterate, optimize and innovate faster by constantly learning from ever-running marketing experiments. Quantify supports switching to always-on experimentation by helping marketing teams to carry out and analyze experiments conveniently at pace without hurdles and restrictions.

Whitepaper: Machine-learning paired with Bayesian statistics

Quantify combines Bayesian statistics and machine learning algorithms to provide more meaningful results up to 10x faster than the current industry practice. To make clear how and why it performs better we provide details in a whitepaper.

Quantify: Decision making, multivariate testing and data exploration via robust statistical modelling

PDF, 15 pages, 3.2 MB
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Leverage always-on experimentation to innovate faster, continuously learn and make smarter decisions.
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