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Admetrics Data Studio
Now available

Shopify Integration for DTC Brands

Shopify stores are now integrated into Admetrics Data Studio, providing DTC Brands with a one-stop solution for marketing data warehousing and attribution. Now available directly from the Shopify App Store.

Learn more about Admetrics Data Studio for Shopify

Admetrics Data Studio is a fully customizable reporting stack, accessible via an efficient, progressive web-interface that enables our clients to gain control of all their marketing data and get rid of reporting silos. By providing performance and ROAS reporting across all channels and data sources Data Studio amplifies campaign optimization and user acquisition processes.
Aggregation and unification
Unify data across all channels and media sources
Holistic data exploration
Analyse, visualise and explore your data, macro to micro
Always-on experimentation
Run experiments and statistical evaluations on all levels of your data
Automated insight generation
Never miss an opportunity for growth again
User interface

Built for efficiency

Made with usability in mind, built for exploring and understanding vast amounts of data.
Statistical analysis
State of the art statistical methods applicable to all your drilldowns without the need to involve data scientists.
Augmented analytics

Scientific marketing at your fingertips

Leverage next generation augmented analytics and data science features.
Integrated experimentation engine
Leverage the integrated experimentation engine Quantify to efficiently carry out and analyze experiments in any channel. Learn more
User and cohort reporting
Advanced user and cohort analysis with metrics like retention, churn, return on advertising spend (ROAS) or customer lifetime value (LTV).
Automated insight generation
Onboard the AI-based marketing assistant and never miss an opportunity for growth again. Learn more
Holistic views

Macro to micro

Providing quick and easy access, even to the most hidden insights.
Unified reporting
Unified reporting on relevant performance indicators across all media sources and channels.
Deep source drilldowns
Understand where performance is coming from by drilling down to the actual traffic sources: Domains, URLs, app IDs, you name it.
Creative element reporting
Analyse the performance of specific creative elements like color themes, messaging or CTA.
Comparison reporting
Compare two time periods with each other to understand the differences.
Data-driven design

Fully customizable

Data Studio is fully customizable: It can be configured to process any kind of event, metric and dimension.
Custom dashboards
Canned reports and dashboards that are tailored to specific requirements of complex organizations.
Formula based metrics
Formula based metrics for transforming data and to create custom scores and individual multi metrics. 
Whitelabel options
Make it yours: Customize the look & feel of the reporting interface to match your corporate design.
Granular permissions
Since online advertising usually involves a variety of players like creative partners, media agencies or data analysts, a bespoke permission setup provides fast and easy access to protected analytical insights for all parties involved.
Advanced features

Enterprise ready

Secure and dependable
Deploy entirely into your infrastructure if you want, no cloud dependencies. 100% on-premises. We support Docker or K8S.
Built in SAML
Integrate with external or internal identity providers for secure single sign-on of all users.
Multi-tenancy with fine grained roles and permission management.
Track record

Proven results

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