Vast amounts of tracking data easily accessible in a single analytics application
Built to explore and evaluate vast amounts of data, Admetrics Dashboard enables advertisers to gain actionable insights into campaign performance, retrospectively or in real-time.

Real-time stream processing

Admetrics Dashboard runs on a powerful stream processing engine that can easily handle millions of events per second.

This engine acts as an endpoint for Admetrics events like Viewability Tracking and Engagement Tracking, and also data from external sources like third-party analytics apps or corporate cost management tools.
Web application

Exploring data

Admetrics Dashboard is made for exploring and understanding tracking data in real-time or retrospectively: The analytics data is accessible in a convenient web-app as pivot tables or displayed as infographical charts.

Users can browse, group, search and dynamically filter the data, and of course export data sets or specific dashboard views in order to share them with internal and external partners.


Dashboard stats

Custom solutions

Off the rack vs. Bespoke

Admetrics can help advertisers, agencies and publishers get the most out of their data by building custom reports that are tailored to the specific requirements of complex organizations.

Since online advertising usually involves a variety of players like creative partners, media agencies or data analysts, a bespoke analytics setup containing custom data visualizations, wired to existing business infrastructure and enriched with third-party data, provides faster and easier access to analytical insights for all parties involved.
Track Record

Proven results


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