Contextual Data & Brand Safety

Make sure that ads are delivered to the right audience and do not appear in an inappropriate context

In a programmatic world with a never-ending list of content sources and placements, investing in the right ones is not only about maximizing efficiency, but also about sustainability.
Contextual Data

With the introduction of GDPR, contextual targeting is more important than ever before

Admetrics contextual analysis does provide data like categories, IAB taxonomy, weighted keywords and language for contextual ad performance analysis and optimization.

Based on deep learning algorithms the most valuable keywords are extracted, scored and weighted in a contextual manner. The algorithms analyze the context of an URL/Text and provide a list of weighted keywords which are reflecting the meaning of the provided content. We do also provide keyword frequency.

At his moment, admetrics' contextual analysis supports 16 languages (Chinese, Czech, Dansk, Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish) with more to come.

Brand Safety

Making sure your ads don't appear in inappropriate environments is absolutely crucial for your brand

Media and consumer attention to unsafe ad placements is at an all-time high. That's why, especially considering the rise of programmatic placements, turning a blind eye to context is simply not an option anymore, not only because of the risk to the ad spend but also to protect brand reputation itself. The fallout of negative audience reaction can be crippling.

Admetrics' brand safety solution scrapes the content of a domain and runs it through a classifier that leverages machine learning to understand the context, meaning and tone of the content that is accompanied by ads. The results are mapped against brand protection categories like adult, illegal drugs, terror, hate speech, etc.

Our algorithm can also reflect custom categories to accommodate brand specific safety policies by adding individual keywords or domains.


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