Cookieless Device ID
A cookieless tracking solution which can be used to increase user recognition rates, improve targeting or enhance cross device graphs

Classic tracking via cookies can‘t keep up with modern browsers and the multi-screen world. Cookie accuracy has become lousy, and it is continuing to drop further.

Advertisers require new tracking solutions that reliably recognize devices – while at the same time respecting growing sensibility for user privacy.


Device ID: How it works

To identify devices, Admetrics Device ID creates unique device fingerprints from analyzing (among others) the properties of the client browser, OS, system and HTTP connection and applies a statistical model over all property changes over the life time of the identification.

Device ID's statistical models can be customized to specific use cases, for example to adress legal restrictions for online privacy in specific national markets.

Admetrics Device ID is up to 98,5% accurate.

Depending on the application and target group, Admetrics Device ID confidently identifies between 70% and 90% of tested devices. Combined with device-tagging, Device ID has achieved identification rates of up to 98.5%.

The time periods in which Device ID correctly identifies devices are many times longer than the time periods achvieved by classic cookie based user tracking.
Use Case

Cookieless Retargeting

With its low latency (<350ms), Device ID can be used for targeting.

It also can increase fill rates or the CPM of programmatic media sales and reduce control group contamination. Also, Device ID allows to precisely control frequency and measure reach.


Privacy by design

Device ID is privacy compliant by design. Our technology integrates with existing cookie management policies and allows for opt-out/opt-in and granular privacy policy controls. 


Common applications

Behavioural targeting (Retargeting):

Identification and tracking of users for targeted online advertising

Frequency capping, Sequencing:

Limiting ad-impressions for a given user, Implementation of sequential ad-campaigns (storyboarding)

Cross-device targeting:

Identification of users across different devices for targeted advertising (while maintaining ad frequency and/or sequence)

Frequency tracking:

Identification of users across different devices for targeted advertising (while maintaining ad frequency and/or sequence)


Attribution of defined target events or sales events for past actions (e.g. an ad-impression)

User behaviour tracking:

Recording of audience behaviour and clickstreams


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