Bid Intelligence
Increasing profitability by minimizing programmatic spend on fraudulent or low quality traffic through holistic, machine learning algorithms

admetrics observes vast amounts of signals and metrics of all kinds of ad traffic. A recent analysis of tens of billions of impressions concluded that at least 30% of ad traffic, even from from well-known networks and SSPs, is actually not worth buying.

Modifying bids based on admetrics’ Bid Intelligence data constitutes a vast potential to increase profitability, especially for businesses that buy impressions and bill clicks, conversions or installs.

Bid Intelligence

How it works

Admetrics technology measures and analyzes hundreds of signals per impression to detect non human traffic, viewability and attention, brand safety, context and app quality.  

By detecting traffic anomalies and fraudulent usage patterns in traffic, frequency and engagement signals across impressions, devices and networks the coverage and accuracy of the data set gets constantly increased. Custom data, like MMP data from Adjust, Appsflyer, Tune, Kochava, etc., can be ingested to improve the efficiency of our algorithms.

Through admetrics’ low latency, co-hostable S2S service the solution can be applied pre-bid to qualify bid requests.


Available Bid Intelligence Data

Simple Integration

Two parts which, in combination, complete the feedback, training and validation loop

1. Application of Bid Intelligence Data

Allows modification of bids based on insights provided by a pre-bid S2S reputation service including:

Non-human Scores for IP’s, IDFA’s, Domains and Apps
Brand Safety Scores for Domains, URL and Apps
Viewability, Attention and Engagement Scores for Domains and Apps
Quality Scores for Apps

2. Post Impression Measurement and Validation

To continuously classify and validate traffic the implementation of a post impression measurement script is required. Results will be available near real-time in the S2S service to apply the bid intelligence data (1.).

Sophisticated Non Human Detection
Measurement of Viewability, Attention and Engagement metrics
Assessment of Context and Brand safety


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