Newton: The AI-based Marketing Assistant that Never Misses an Opportunity for Growth

Marketing AI
Newton is an autonomous, virtual marketing analyst that enables always-on experimentation on your marketing data by running thousands of experiments in parallel to provide actionable recommendations across all channels and campaigns at pace.

Drawing from deep domain knowledge
Newton is leveraging expert models to understand your business specific value and attribution chains and considers dependencies to evaluate options and alternatives for driving growth and minimizing risks constantly.
Intelligent data analysis at scale
Newton can be easily integrated on top of your existing tech stack and adds an intelligence layer that analyzes all of your data across channels by leveraging our cutting-edge experimentation engine Quantify.

Newton helps advertisers and agencies to minimize missed opportunities for growth and to stop losses as early as possible.

Use cases and examples

Accelerated campaign optimization

Newton uses machine learning and expert models to augment analytics and provide highly relevant recommendations at the speed of change. Our pre-trained models can be tailored to many specific marketing use cases. Through feedback loops Newton adjusts its recommendations constantly by learning what’s important and what not.

Following are examples on how Newton optimizes campaigns:

Meet the marketing analyst that never sleeps

Up to 73%
of collected data does not get analyzed
The amount of data gathered in marketing is growing constantly while human resources to analyze the data are hard to come by. Research firm Forrester puts the scope of the problem into perspective, observing that 60 to 73% of data companies collect is not analyzed at all.

That does also align with our internal data that shows the majority of brands (57%) have “access to sufficient data resources” while lacking capabilities to address and execute data-informed tasks including analysis, optimization, testing and reporting. 
A new approach to experimentation

Always-on experimentation

Always-on experimentation is an agile process that enables businesses to iterate, optimize and innovate faster by learning from continuously running marketing experiments. Newton applies our experimentation engine Quantify to run always-on experimentation on your data at scale. In comparison to traditional methods Quantify can accelerate data-driven decision making by orders of magnitude.
In most cases Newton eliminates the need to manually setup experiments or tests as it understands your campaign goals and how to achieve them - it will take care of the day to day business of optimising your campaign.

Onboard Newton

Newton can be easily integrated on top of your existing marketing data. Connect with an admetrics expert and kick-off a free test.
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