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DevOps Engineer


You will spend your day working within a cross functional team that consist of talented developers in Frankfurt am Main to solve some very challenging technical problems. Your responsibilites among the team will be to provide and operate our IT-infrastructure. You will work closely with management to execute the various SLAs within the company as well as with our customers. Your main duties will also be transitioning existing components to IPv6.



  • Ops, maintenanance & monitoring of our Linux/Unix server farm
  • Ops & maintenance of dedicated Firewalls, VPNs (CISCO+Pfsense)
  • Performance and failure analysis on our load balancers and webservers
  • Devops
  • Introduction of automated virtualization platform for our developers
  • Transition to IPv6
  • Documentation and profiling of existing system landscape
  • Management and Monitoring of Backup System

Required Skills

  • 3 years of professional experience
  • Linux/FreeBSD
  • TCP/IP (/proc/sys/net/ipv4/*)
  • NGiNX, haproxy, Apache
  • arp; tcpdump; awk; sed; cron; bash
  • DNS
  • LDAP
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